Первый интерактивный MICE - Workshop

Москва, 11/09/2024

Gloria Hotels & Resorts


Gloria Hotels & Resorts embarked on its unique journey in 1997 when it opened the enchanting Gloria Golf Resort and prestigious Gloria Golf Club to the world. Building on this success, the group expanded its allure, welcoming guests to the elegant Gloria Verde Resort in 2001, the serene Gloria Serenity Resort in 2007, and the world-class Gloria Sports Arena in 2014.

Over the past decade, Özaltın Holding has garnered the loyalty of a devoted clientele of travelers and earned numerous awards as a company consistently redefining the standards of the tourism industry.

Gloria Hotels & Resorts brings the legendary Turkish hospitality to guests from both Turkey and around the world, inviting them to become part of the Gloria family. From dawn to sunset, our expert and highly trained staff diligently work to ensure that every vacation or special event becomes an unforgettable memory, infused with that special Turkish touch.

Our commitment extends beyond boundaries, offering an unparalleled luxury experience. From exceptional service to lavish accommodations and meticulously curated surroundings, Gloria Hotels & Resorts offers just the beginning of the extraordinary journey that awaits you.